i IWPDA 2009 - International Workshop on Plasma Diagnostics & Applications

IWPDA 2009

International Workshop on Plasma Diagnostics & Applications

2-3, July 2009 @ National Institute of Education, NTU, Singapore





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It was realized during the International Workshop on Plasma Computations and Application 2008, an AAAPT network activity at INTI University College, Nilai and University Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that there are many young plasma researchers in the Asian and African region who are keen to have hands-on experience through an intensive workshop on Plasma diagnostics such as X-rays, charged particles and other radiations from pulsed plasma devices. Hence, the proposed workshop aims to provide an excellent platform to gain  hands-on experience on basic and advanced plasma diagnostics on pulsed plasmas such as electrical diagnostics, X-ray, ions and neutron measurements. This meeting will also continue to make use of the plasma focus device as a facility to improve participants’ understanding of plasma physics via numerical modelling, experimental demonstration and diagnostics.

The workshop will also emphasize on the applications of plasmas such as plasma aided nano-fabrications, cost-effective plasma technologies, pulsed plasma portable neutron sources etc, which may be beneficial to foster the link between the plasma research and industrial development.

  Invited Speakers

Lee Sing (Australia)

C S Wong (Malaysia)

Si Ze Yang (China)

M P Srivastave (India)

Elana Baronova (Russia)

Victor Vikhrev (Russia)

Ken Ostrikov (Australia)

Xu Shuyan (Singapore)

M Ghoranneviss (Iran)

S. H. Saw (Malaysia)

Riaz Ahmed (Pakistan)

M. S. Rafique (Pakistan)

S. R. Mohanty (India)

M. Nisoa (Thailand)

A. Shyam (India)

A. Abdou (USA)

S. V. Springham (Singapore)

Paul Lee (Singapore)

Miran Mozetic (Slovenia)

Reza Amrollahi (Iran)

Augustine Tan (Singapore)

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Topics covered in the workshop are:

§ Plasma Focus diagnostics using electrical signal and Lee Model
§ X-ray & EUV diagnostics on Pulsed Plasmas
§ Charged particles and neutron diagnostics
§ Hands-on plasma diagnostics session
§ Plasma aided nano-fabrications
§ Material processing and nanostructured material synthesis
§ Soft X-ray microlithography
§ Cost-effective plasma technologies
§ Portable multiple radiation source
§ Plasma applications in industry

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IWPDA2009 Secretariat @ PRSL, Natural Sciences and Science Education, National Institute of Education

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