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Plasma Sources and Applications Centre (PSAC) was co-funded by AcRF and A*STAR in 2001. Since then the Centre is continuously growing and aims the following main research directions:

  • Development of High Density Plasma Reactors and Process Control Diagnostics;
  • Low Dimensional Materials, Nanostructures, III-V/IV-IV Quantum Dots, Wires and Wells;
  • Assembly and characterization of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes for field emission applications;
  • Biomaterials, Protein Attachments and Applications;
  • Functional Coatings, III-V, Ternary and quaternary compound semiconductors;
  • Modeling and simulation of quantum structures, nanocluster dynamics and self-organization processes;
  • Staff Development and Training of Students of International Standing;
  • Engaging Singapore-based Research into International Collaborative Programs;
  • Development of in-situ plasma diagnostic tools.

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